Friday, April 30, 2010

LaRosa Fashions

its just EDGE COOLNESS!! :D
i think the leggings reallly pull the outfit together! :D It is my new fav leggings i have in my inventory! :D Last week for 50LF i was at reeks, and i saw this girl and she had those leggings on, and i was like...WHOOA I LOOOVE HER LEGGINGS!! MUST ASK! lol, and soo idk her name but this is her blog :) -> (she makes eyes :D)

The Jacket and heel boots are by LaRosa, im doing a review of their clothes, and i have to say that i ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE THE HEEL SPIKED BOOTS!!! :D Also i love the jacket, its cute both the jacket and the heel boots are RE-SIZEABLE! WHICH IS GREAT!! :D <33

If anyone is interested in seeing more of her fashions her name is Larosa Kohime and the shoe designer is Stari Novi. :)

I still have more of their fashions to put together and blog about. :) So hold on. :)

On to what im wearing! :D

Skin-Vive9-Gemma (light) 50s B Skin (got @ the vive9 closing FREEBIE GALORE!!) lol <33
Hair-Trico-(group gift) LOOVE IT!! :D the hair band is color changeable!!!! <333
Eyes-vive9-Gem Brown (got @ the vive9 closing down sale/freebie galore) <3333
Lashes-DK-Deviant Kitties (got from an olllllllld bunny hunt) loove it soo much!
Nails-MAI-red. (old freebie)

Shirt-Whippet & Buck-Cole Boatneck top-TALL POPPY (got on sale for 30L$!!!) love it! <33
Leggings-KANIVAL-(group gift) <33333333333333
Heel Boots-LaRosa -Jeans wear Hot Spring-Nathalie (Review for the designer) <333>
Jacket-LaRosa-Jeans Wear Hot Spring (Review from the designer) :)

Necklace-JASHA-Oceania Necklace (cold)- (got @ the closing sale, i think it was 55L$?) <33>
Bangles-PACADI-Tribal Bangles (got @ closing sale for i think 55L$?) :D <333>

Clutch-+plus-Big Clutch in Red Vinyl Leather/Silver (from olllld hunt)
Belts-MNK*SHOP-Black & White belts-*nikukyu* (olld freebie) loove it soo much! :D

I took the pics at sweet lovely cute poses/animation store area. :D I LOVE THAT PLACE!


Anonymous said...

i lovee your style!

Munky Aristocrat said...

THANK YOU XAN!!!! <333333 :D