Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Outfit. :)

hiii, soo last friday, milk motion gave out a white harem pants, AND HAD TO GET IT!!! :D I LOOVE IT SOO MUCH!!! ♥♥♥!! I wanted to make a cool, laid back summer look, and i loove the shoes, i think it pulls the outfit together! :D I wish i had a outfit like this in rl. -.- Anwyas, here's what i am wearing! :)


Skin-Vive9-Vintage Skins-Miranda-glow-free (From freebie galore when she was closing down) Black (got at this rs summer sale, 75L$) ♥♥♥♥♥
Eyes-Vive9-Lucid Brown Eyes (old freebie)
Make-Up-Tattoo Layer Makeup (its purple, and from Cupcakes, was old group gift)♥♥♥♥
Nails-Ibizarre-Golden (freebie in store :) )


Tank-(fd)- Tie Dye Tank (was old freebie or dollarbie) <333>
Jacket-magi take-Denim Jacket-Stone (10L$) <333>
Harem Pants-Milk Motion-My Harem Pants (got from 50L Fridays) ♥♥♥♥♥
Shoes-magi take-Slip On Shoes-Washed Denim (i think was a group gift?, not sure) <33>


Sunnies-Reek-Ramesh Aviators-Zebra (50L Fridays) <33333>
Bag-Gritty Kitty-Hoot Bag-White (got at CSR event couples summers bag? not sure but yea. :)
Bracelet-Kunstkammer-Silver Rosary Strung Bead (was old DSN freebie)
Bracelets-Petunia-Mango (got from old hunt)

most of the poses are from: xbordeaux :D
Location: Artilleri.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Black & White for 4th of July

This is my avi's outfit for 4th of july! Not the typical red,white blue outfit, cept the white part. :P
But this outfit is respectful for the holiday :) Now let me talk about the outfit! :D This top really made me feel all in the glam mood. :D i think it's from Vilet Shape? Here is the info of where i got it, Anyways, i looove the top! crap ill finish this later.

Skin-Vive9-Gemma- (Light)50's (got from vive9 FREEBIE GALORE!) (75L from past sale) <3333
Eyes-jm:mai (ollld freebie)
Nails-Mai-red (instore freebie, though idk if still exists)

Top-[VS]-Miranda (dollarbie) I LOOVE IT!! <333 (got at the good shit hunt) <33333>
Pumps-EXiA-Enamel Pumps-Black and Red (was either a dollarbie or a freebie)

Hat-Find Ash-Velor Hat (got from lucky board last yr o9 on halloween :D)
Cigg-Persona. (was a freebie in store)
Bangles-chuculet-silver. (was a dollarbie)
Belt-glow-studio chain blet. (was a dollarbie)
Shades-Shade Throne-Kurt sunglasses in black (from skipping stone hunt, of last yr'09)
Clutch-Label Mode-Mini-Handbag (gift) <333333

Loation: Dekade. Love the sim :D

Friday, May 28, 2010

LaRosa 3

I love the whole orange sky background, it just goes with my outfit, which is mostly purple. Love the colors :D
***I'm just gonna make a note, of the LaRosa Jacket, its supposed to be a short sleeve jacket, like my other LaRosa posts, of the jackets, but I decided it looks better as a Jacket Vest with my outfit. :) You can wear it both ways, with the sleeves or not. :D And it's RE-SIZABLE!!! Which is great!!!!
Here is the LM of the LaRosa Store :D

I don't have anything else to say, sooo on to my OUTFIT! :)

Hair-Junwave-Mikako-Black (was a fatpack of 2L WHAT A DEAL!!! LOL<333)
Skin-Vive9-Miranda in Glow-Fallen B (LOVE VIVE9 SKINS SOO CUUTE <3333)
Eyes-Vive9-Gem Brown (loove the eyes soo much, i haven't taken them off since the sale!! :D)<3
Lashes-Deviant Kitties [DK] (ollllllllllld hunt gift)

Top-Emery-(olllld group gift for men, loove it!! :D haha<33)
Jacket-LaRosa <333333
Shoes-Kookie-MixMatch Athena (was a 50LFriday item) <3333>

Necklace-Phoenix Rising-Heirloom-Lilac (IN FIRST PIC ONLY) (was a hunt gift)
Earrings-Phoenix Rising-Heirloom earring-Lilac (was a hunt gift)
Bangle-Pacadi-Classic Wooden Bangle ( i think it was a freebie or dollarbie, no longer available)
Bag-Sey-Limitied Primitive City (it was an exclusive bag, for free) <333
Belt-Sey-Loke (group gift)

Monday, May 17, 2010


yeaaaa, i was busy listening to music.
anyways, on the local news, they said, looking for love, and marrying someone u never meet before?!
well, some ppl play virtual games, and 1 of them is second life, where its a virtual game, blah blah, blah. LOL
i was like...................................
though, i wont say i have a 2nd life, cuz im just on there for fashion. its a virtual paper doll game for me. :D
while others actuallly have a 2nd life. :P or... even a 3rd, hahhaa.

sooo it made me wonder, woooooow, 2nd life, REACHED THE NEWS CHANNEL!!! LOL
exactly how many ppl play the game? billion? haha

Friday, May 14, 2010

LaRosa Outfit 2


Skin-Vive9-Gemma-light-Snow B (old freebie) loove sooo muuuch!!! <33333333
Hair-Lamb-Unbirthday Redux-Ink. (old group gift)
Eyes-vive9-Gem Brown (old freebie)
Lashes-Glow--tropical. (olld gift) looove them!!!


Shirt-Emery-Tee Call Me (ollllld freebie, it might still be free in store?)
Cardi-Fishy Strawberry-Early Morning cadigan-Amparo Blue. (50L friday item) <333333>

Skirt-LaRosa-Jeanswear hotspring 2 (Copy Review for store)
Vest Jacket-LaRosa (loves it!) (Copy Review for the store :) )
Heel Boots-LaRosa ( I LOOVE THEM SOO MUCHH!!!) (Copy review for the store)


Hair Bow-Violet Voltaire-Girl Germs Hair Bow-Black/Gargoyle
Cuff-Violet Voltaire-Melodic atrocity
Necklace-Yabusaka-Anchor Long Necklace-silver(got it from last yrs summer hunt :D <3333)
Belt-MNK-White Belt-Nikukyu (ollllld freebie) <3333
Gloves-Umi Usagi (from the bunny hunt olllllllld hunt)
Clutch-Stiletto Moody-Bare Backup Bag (ollld group gift)

This outfit was put together for LaRosa items, the vest skirt, and boots. :)

I still have 2 more outfits by LaRosa to put together.

Sorry its super sloow, im just busy with school. =.=

Friday, April 30, 2010

LaRosa Fashions

its just EDGE COOLNESS!! :D
i think the leggings reallly pull the outfit together! :D It is my new fav leggings i have in my inventory! :D Last week for 50LF i was at reeks, and i saw this girl and she had those leggings on, and i was like...WHOOA I LOOOVE HER LEGGINGS!! MUST ASK! lol, and soo idk her name but this is her blog :) -> (she makes eyes :D)

The Jacket and heel boots are by LaRosa, im doing a review of their clothes, and i have to say that i ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE THE HEEL SPIKED BOOTS!!! :D Also i love the jacket, its cute both the jacket and the heel boots are RE-SIZEABLE! WHICH IS GREAT!! :D <33

If anyone is interested in seeing more of her fashions her name is Larosa Kohime and the shoe designer is Stari Novi. :)

I still have more of their fashions to put together and blog about. :) So hold on. :)

On to what im wearing! :D

Skin-Vive9-Gemma (light) 50s B Skin (got @ the vive9 closing FREEBIE GALORE!!) lol <33
Hair-Trico-(group gift) LOOVE IT!! :D the hair band is color changeable!!!! <333
Eyes-vive9-Gem Brown (got @ the vive9 closing down sale/freebie galore) <3333
Lashes-DK-Deviant Kitties (got from an olllllllld bunny hunt) loove it soo much!
Nails-MAI-red. (old freebie)

Shirt-Whippet & Buck-Cole Boatneck top-TALL POPPY (got on sale for 30L$!!!) love it! <33
Leggings-KANIVAL-(group gift) <33333333333333
Heel Boots-LaRosa -Jeans wear Hot Spring-Nathalie (Review for the designer) <333>
Jacket-LaRosa-Jeans Wear Hot Spring (Review from the designer) :)

Necklace-JASHA-Oceania Necklace (cold)- (got @ the closing sale, i think it was 55L$?) <33>
Bangles-PACADI-Tribal Bangles (got @ closing sale for i think 55L$?) :D <333>

Clutch-+plus-Big Clutch in Red Vinyl Leather/Silver (from olllld hunt)
Belts-MNK*SHOP-Black & White belts-*nikukyu* (olld freebie) loove it soo much! :D

I took the pics at sweet lovely cute poses/animation store area. :D I LOVE THAT PLACE!