Wednesday, January 7, 2009


ive been busy with school,last yr in December. But while i was busy, and couldnt make any posts, i did put 3 outfits together though, 1 for Christmas, which i YET TO MAKE A POST ON THAT, of my laaaaaate xmas outfit! :P the 2nd on my new years outfit, which this post is about! :D and 3rd, a simple outfit that has to do with the thimbles latest group gift! :D i cant wait to show that one! :D OHHHH and if your wondering why im not putting the xmas outfit yet, well..i feel like its missing a belt and a necklace, which i have to buy. soo yea. :)

So heres my new years outfit. :) I just wanted it to be simple. And every time i think of new years eve, i think of the colors white, silver and a bit of gold. :D and red i guess, and black. :D lol.
So let me just go on with the outfit. :D


Skin- Starfucker Skins in Mitte Light - Hot

Shape - Silhouette Shape : KAITLYN (I looove this shape, very cute!! :D ) oh and it was a freebie. :D

Eyes - CRASH -Rihanna Eyes (it was 1 linden)

Nails- MAI (it was either 1 linden or a freebie)


Blouse - ASH STYLE : plain shirt white ( it was either a freebie or a dollarbie)

Dress- [PINK OUTFITTERS] in Cotton Tube Dress (older group gift)

Hoodie with Hair- Bijou (xmas gift) in jeweLeah Teddy Hoodie in White

Heels - Maitreya- (Group gift Pumps) in Pearl


IZUMIYA (the poses were free, there upstairs. :D oh and i also took the mens poses. :P lol)

i took the pics at Armidi, yeaaah i had soo much fun taking these pics!! :D

can ya tell? lol. i took like hundred pics, and only picked 18 or somethin . lol

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