Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cute n Nerdy E=MC2

LOL, its a funny face!! The water is getting all over my ice cream! >:\ not cool! :P
This face looks like a, "Oh, FUCK! IT'S RAINGING, and i got no jacket!" :( haha, lol.
*and thanx to the vain girls, they gave me a bunch of emoters! i heart them ^^ *

how cool the miss lily socks show through the cupcake leggings! :D

i loove these shoes!! there soo cute! i wish i had them in rl. :D they also remind me of precious moments, how the shoes have patches. :D cute. :)

This outfit all came together thanx to a contest i got in, from the Voodoo Child club on Friday. :D No, i didnt win :( but i did get some lindens from the club workers. :D Which is always sweeet! :D
Anyways, before i went, i quickly tried to put a nerdy look of what i have in my inventory, i didnt feel like spending my lindens on nerdy stuff, cuz im saving my lindens for a bunch of ETD hairs and shoes! :D So i did my best, though i felt like i was missing somethin that nerds always, well usually have...A FREAKIN WATCH!!! Yea i think it would have completed the nerdy look. :D
I LOOOVE THE GLASSES!! super cute with my face!!

ohhh yess..i took the pics at CREAMSHOP's new LM...OHHHH MAN!! I LOOVE IT!! :D enjoyed takin pics there, looved the rain. :D haha, i felt like my avi was in england. :D

Skin - [RockBerry] Test Natural (group gift, i loove the skin!!)
Eyes- MAI- in brown (freebie)
Eye Bling - Aluinn Jewlery
Hair - >FD Hair<>
Blush - [Curio] Prim Blush in orange (1 linden :D reallly cute blushes)


Top - Pig-Ordinary Boy Brown (got at the starlust hunt :D)
Skirt & leggings - M&R Cupcakes- corduroy skirt/ leggings - olive/gold (free from their hunts. :D)
Socks - ::Miss Lily:: in warm brown (freebie :D )
Shoes - *League* (group gift) *i ♥ league very much! :D *


Eye Glasses - [Curio] in Tort Glasses (1 linden)
Beanie - Eat Rice! knitted beanie in black (got at the eat rice turkey hunt! effin love it!)
Scarf - [maeva] - Aditu Scarf in brown (sub gorup gift.)
Bag - Sn@tch - Messenger Bag

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