Monday, November 10, 2008

Feeling Clownyish :D

yea im somewhere camping, and cleaning out my inventory and checking out what i got at the starlust hunt from yesterday! :D So far...I LIKEY! :D lol

Shape -*League*

Eye Bling -Aluinn Jewelry

Eyes - Romi Juliesse - in violet

Earrings -Dangle balls

Skin - Ken Store Dots - female heart clown (got it at the starlust hunt! ) *i loove the clown make up, i think its well done! :D*

Hair - Pixel Dust-Berry-Smoke (got it at the starlust hunt!) *i loove it, its cute*

Outfit- Pixel Dust (black dress and red leggings)

Socks - Skywalker - knee socks ( i think it was only for a linden for 3 )

Heels - FAB.PONY (got it at the blockheadsvillie hunt!)

Nails - [Love Soul] - Nail*Flower* (it was free)

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