Friday, February 20, 2009


Using the juicy shopping pose. :)

Who knew my Prince Charming would have been a A HUGE STUFFED BUUNNY! :D lol

At the Voodoo Club. :D

I'm a bit late..well a week late on doin this post. -.- This post was meant for last Friday, but I was too busy camping and getting more lindens and buying stuff from the sales I wanted too, and well, I've been busy with school. -.- And last time I went on sl, it was suuuuuuper laaagggy and hellla sloow! >.:| It annoyed the hell outta me soo I just closed it, and did other stuff. buuut noow its a bit better, though it rezz's reallly sloowlyy.. hmph! -.- OK SOO ON TO MY BELATED POST! :D
So Friday the 13th was a VERRRY SWEEET DAY FOR MEE! :D Usually its a meh day, or crappy day for me..BUT NOT THIS TIME!! :D
It started off as a meh day, doing nothing but camping to get lots of clothes from the sales I wanted! :D Later at night @ around..I think 10 pm something, there was a contest @ the VOODOO LOUNGE, for the Sweetes Candy Look, and OH MY GOD!! I HAD TO ENTER THAT!! When I think or hear of the words Sweet and Candy, I automatically think of any shade of pink and rave colorful colloors!! :D So I quickly put an outfit together, and THANK GOD I HAD SOME CANDY ASSECCORIES!! :D My avi looked like a pinky Ompa Lompa!! :D LOL
Well anyways, when I was in the club, I ended up being the ONLY CONTESTANT on the BOOARD!! Soooooo.....I WOOON!!! HAHAHHAAA!! I won $L600, AND OMGOD IT TOOOTALLLY helped my linden balance, I went up to 1,802 LINDENS!! YAYYYY!!! THATS THE HIGHEST I EVER HAD OF LINDENS!!! :D I was veeerry happy, beacuse it meant, I can buy MOORE THINGS FROM THE SALES THAT I ORIGINALLY THOUGHT!!! :D. So before I went off to shop, I just had to camp a bit more, :P lol. THEN I WENT OFF SHOPPING!! I got 2 things from Armidi online shopping Pink Sale, *SQQUUUEEEEE ^^* (my frist 2 items from armidi :DYAY) , I got 4 hairs from Fascino(their hairs are soooo darn good and ohh soo cuute!! :D it tootally goes with my avi's face! :D ). My last shopping sale was @ Maeva , I got 8 braclets for 15 lindens each!! such a bargin! :D And I got 1 top/dress, I plan to get more of the top/dresses, CUZ I LOOVE ALL THE COLOORS!! AND I JUST CANT ONLY DECIDE ON 1 COLOR!! -.- lol.
Buttt I WAS SOOO MAAD!!! >:| I wanted to get 3 things from Pink Outfitters, when I arrived to the store, I was ready to get what I wanted, and I clicked on 1 of the clothes items, AND IT WAS REGULAR PRIICE!!! >:| I WAS LIKE ................WHAT THE HEEEEEY?!!! -.-!! This was on early saturday of vday like 2 or 3 am. :P lol. But anyways I got over it quickly, cuz I know Pink Outfitters will have another sale! :) Maybe over the summer....hahaha.
Yeah, so after I was done with shopping, I now had 1,238 lindens!! I was pretty happy bout that! :) I hope there wont be anymore biig sales next moth, because I plan to save a bunch more lindens until April, for what I think to me is going to be a big sale, and thats....EAT RICE!! :D! The Retiring Eat Rice Sale. :( Sad that Eat Rice is going to close, but at the sametime happy to see what Ellie Celt is going to make for the indie clothing!! :D
Well thats all I wanted to say bout my last AWESOME SWEET FRIDAY!! :D
Heres what im wearing! :D

Skin- *I don't know who's the maker of this skin, all i know it was a group gift of nov'08. :/ IF ANYONE KNOWS WHOS THE MAKER OF THE SKIN..PLZ TELL MEE!! i loove the skin soo much, i think its soo cuute, and soo goes with my shape! :) *
Shape- Silhouette in Kaitlyn
Hair-Eat Rice!-Puety-icedpink dark (freebie or dollarbie <3333) style="font-weight: bold;">MAI- in red
Eyes- Jm:mai -black (freebie or dollarbie forgot)

Top- BomBon-pink check ( i think it was a dollarbie :D I LOOOVE IT, SOO CUUTE!!)
Bottom-BomBon- pink check
heels- Kookie-Donna in hot pinkness (last yr old juicy bday gift, dollarbie <333) style="font-weight: bold;">AOHARU- Ice cream Dress- in pink

Necklaces-Violet Voltaire-SweetHearts Stupid Cupid
Bracelets-DMZ-Candy Cane
Earrings- Violet Voltaire -SweetHearts Stupid Cupid (dollarbie)
Belt- AwesomeSauce-Christmas Candy Capers (got at the POE HUNT)
Bag-IZUMIYA-H.N.G Monochrome Print Bag [[Sweets]] (freebie)
Ice Cream on head and drip on forehead-*Sanu (group gift)
Arm Wrist Warmer-AwesomeSauce-Christmas Candy Capers
Lollipop-Pink Fuel- Pink/White heart lollipop <333333 style="font-weight: bold;">LAP

Photo taken @ Tyranny. (Its a really cool place!<33)

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