Friday, July 31, 2009

Black, White, & Red

i loove this outfit! <333
I don't know what else to say, except that i LOOVE THOSE P-K LEGGINGS!! :D <3333 Sadly p-k closed. :( i hope she comes back, and i didn't get to buy everything i wanted -.- but atleast i got those leggings! :D i really wanted the high waisted skirt though. :/
OHH NOOW I REMEBER WHAT I WANTED TO SAY BOUT THIS OUTFIT! This outfit was based on a drawing i did earlier this month. :D

Shape-Eliza Shape (i made it, based on my RL body shape ^^)
Skin-Gala (looove the skin soo cute :D)
Nails- MAI-black
Hair-ETD-Amber (comes with the beanie hat)

Top-Cupcakes-Striped shirt-Black and White (got it from a hunt freebie)
Sweather Dress-Thimbles- Your Mom's Sweather Dress- Black (I LOOVE IT SOO MUCH! <33)
Leggings-(P-K)-Sequin Collection-Legging
Sandals-Periquita-Beda Sandal Black (was a hidden freebie)

Sunnies-ETD-Chic Aviator sunglasses-Black Frames
Necklace-Violet Voltaire-Glitterati Set-Black <333
bracelet-Violet Voltaire-Glitterati-Black (loove it soo much)
Bangles-Dark Mouse-Platinum Bling Bangles ( june gifty)
Clutch-+plus- *Big Clutch* in Red Vinyl Leather/Silver (Valentine Gift)

Photos taken at Creamshop :D i heart that place :D

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Anonymous said...

i love love love those very shiny leggings! i cant find some similar anywhere...not shiny enough :(