Monday, December 28, 2009


I LOOOVE THE BLACK COAT!! HECK! I LOOOVE MILK MOTION!!! HAHAHA :D Love the shoulder pads and loove the Scrunched sleeves!!! :D I reallly want that coat out of all the milk motion coats! :) The playsuit is 195L and the coat is 285L.
I LOOVE THE BLUE FUR COAT!! JUST SOO FUUN!! when i first tp'd to DU3, it was still rezzing for me, and i saw stein shilova, who was wearing the blue fur coat, and i totally zoomed on her! LOL Sooo pretty! loove the color! :D I hope i can get it :D The fur Coat is 295L.
OMGODDDDDDDDDD!! MILK MOTION!!! I JUST LOOVE THIS DRESS!! I thought it was a coat at first, but ohwell. It just looks old fashion! and i looove old fashion vintage things!! :D
Though im not sure if ill get it, cuz i want other milk motion stuff...ahhh have to do some narrowing downs. -.- The dress is 245L

OMGOD OMGOD!!! POLINA KEASTER CAME BACK?!? ANYWAYS WHEN I SAW THE DRESSS...(AND I ALMOST MISSED IT! O.O!) I WAS LIKE WOOOOW...SOO VINTAGE..MUST HAVE!!!!!! HOW CAN I SAY NO TO THIS?!? it will look great with the Couverture fur jacket! :D SOO VINTAGE GLAM! I LOOVE!!! :D the beauuutiful dress is 175L.
OH hair-100L. Sooooo cuuute!! loove the hat, def.want this! :D
Laygo-This is the MOOOOST EXPENSIVE ITEM OF THINGS I WANT ON MY LIST! :P LOL UGHH!! ITS 350l!! when i first saw it on the dlist blog, i was like WOOOW THATS SOO PRETTY I WANT IT! sooo yea....DAMN PRETTYFUL THINGS!! T.T
OMGOD....ANEXX SHOES!! 280L?!! NOT SOO BAD!!! TOOTALLY GONNA GET THEM! they look soo cuute, especially with those cuute socks! :D
Veschi -the blue jacket...ahahah i took a pic of this girl, had too :P DOESN'T IT LOOK GREAT?!
her lashes were stilling rezzing. :P
Sooo cuute the dress!! I got to see it on a girl, and JUUST LOVED IT!! LOVED THE FEATHERS AT THE ENDS OF SKIRT!!! :D sooo cuute!!! im such a big fan of feathers in rl! :D idk if im gonna get it though.

Yeaa ok, soo Sunsay i looked at myslonthedlist blog, and NOTICED DESIGNERS UNTIED 3!!! and it was gonna start 12 am! *DIES* haha. Cuz, i camp for my lindens, and i was saving all my lindens for creaters pavilion sale, and ughhhhhh when i read that i was just..... -.-!!!! DAMMIT!!! Soo noow i don't think ill get a chance to get anything from creaters pavilion sale. I really wanted the aoharu jacket with the scarf. -.-

Buuuut anyways!!! Designers United is herree! and THESE ARE SOME OF THE STUFF I WANT! hahah LOL
idk if i can actually get all i want...probs not. :P but im gonna try. ^^ Cuz the last designers united i got everything i wanted, but then again, the prices weren't soo expensive as this months DU3 T.T

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