Sunday, January 3, 2010


yea thats me ^^ AND THAT'S THE HAND/GLOVE MASK I MADE FOR THE NEW YEARS EVE MASQUERADE PARTY AT MY RELATIVES! :D it's shiny sliver fabric with black lace, also made with felt for the puffiness :D Soo yea theres a eye hole on the palm part, and between the pinkie finger and the ring finger, there's a space and just that space it's like a hole within its self. :) I LOVE DESIGN!!! soo yeaaa, thats how the whole design came to be, and also cuz i always play around with my hands LOL, and make like animal puppets. :P i think i should shut up now :D hehehe. my mask and my twins mask, killed all my other cousins masks!! AWESOMENESS! annnnd they BOUGHT THEIR MASKS! hahaha. :D And one of my almost 30 yr old cousin, thinks she's a artist, and wants to do fashion design.... *ahem...yea suuuure*, she bought a mask!! O.o ummmmm if u say u have such artistic talents...wont u enjoy coming up with your own design of a masquerade mask?! *blinks, blinks and just stares* *rolls eyes* i don't understand ppl like that, ppl who talk soo big bout how talented they are, and such, and yet they pay soo much for a mask, for a 1 night event, when they could have done something MORE KICKASS and show THEIR TALENT!!! god, i wonder if my cousin felt stupid. :P when she saw my KICKASS AWESOMENESS MASK :D Excuse me, I'm just soooo proud at the stuff i make, i can talk bout it over and over and over, and not get tired. :P haha yea im sure its annoying to some ppl, but i don't care. :) :P

Love this pic, a KISS TO 2009 !! <333 :)

Looooooove these shoooes!!!

soo late, but dont care. im in some mood since new years day, cuz i was at the wooorst place ever uncles home. :( and i guess my mood carried on for the past 2 days. :P kinda bitchy to those that annoy me easily. :P WATCH OUUUUT!!! :P hahaha

Anyways, love this look, i put the outfit together on December 30th '09, and idk i wanted to make an outfit for the shoes...FROM LELUTKA...LOOOOVE THEM!!! :D

I really wanted to make a black edgy outfit, just cuz im totally in to the black edge of rl fashion, and loove the one shoulder dresses, or tops, etc. buut i have no hot black shoes like of lelutkas, soo i was like, pffft, who cares if the green heels don't match the black/white outfit! I JUST WANT MY AVI TO WEAR THEM!! HAHAHA CUZ I LOOVE THEM! :P

Also i decided my avi to wear a white mask, cuuuz in rl i was making a face mask for new years eve! :D But my mask in rl is toootallly different! I think i'll post it! :D lol The debut of me. :P

One more thing, i took the pics at Luck Inc, i had trouble finding a place to take pics that gives off a new years eve party place theme or look. What i had in my mind was a house party scene, with ppl around, and just happy ppl having a good time, and wanted sooo bad, to take party scene pics!! >:| If someone is reading my blog, and some one wants to do that next time..hit me up :D lol thanx.

off to what im wearing! ^^


Skin-Romi Juliesse-Romi3 skin (waaaay old group gift)
Shape-Eliza Shape
Eyes-Artilleri-Antie eyes-loud purple
Hair/hat-Kookie-Kate Hair-antique grey (50 linden fridays)


Top-Beetlebones-Shake yer tail feathers in gunmetal (got at DU2)
Skirt-Artilleri-Simplicity pencil skirt-black (got at artilleris sale i think it was 45 lindens?)
Tights-So Many Styles-Damask Tights -Brown (group gift)
Kick Ass Pumps-LeLutka-Saffron Pumps (neutral green) (group gift! :D looooove)


Necklaces-Milk Motion-My Feather Necklace-My pearl &feather necklace part 1-chest, part 2
Gloves-sf design (got from a free outfit for mens :P lol)
Mask-Paper Couture-White Feather Mask (it was a '08 gift )

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