Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cute and Awesomely Casual ♥

im the mooooooost laziest BLOGGER! :P lol
i made this outfit last week, feb.5th, and took pics, but got lazy to post it, till noooow! mainly cuz im a bit bored, and also i need to post/get it out of my way, it was bothering me, of not having it posted. :P and also, cuz i loove the outfit! :D cute and awesomely casual...omgosh that should be MY TITLE!!! haha, god i suck at title creativity. :P

so anyways on to what im wearing! (p.s. pics suck, i was in a rush, and yea. :/)

Shape-Vive9-Selena shape (freebie, but changed some features ^^)
Hair-Surf Couture-Maranna (fringe bangs) butterscotch-(was a firday 50L item, and SOOOO GLAD I GOT IT!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WEARING IT SINCE I GOT IT!!! that's how much love it, AND CANT TAKE IT OFF!! sooo cuuute! It is one of my top fav hairs :D Next time she's having a sale, I'm going to get it in BLACK! :D lol <333

Top-!Ohmai-Basics One -Piece Blank (freebie, it's part of a dress)
Vest-Fri.day-Halter vest
Skirt-Fishy strawberry-Dirty Sidewalk Mini-Grey (was a firday 50L item, LOVE IT SOO MUCH!)
Leggings-xbordeaux-Calamity Leggings! ( Awesome friend, Xanadu Capelo, made it, sent me the AWESOME LEGGINGS! :D ) ♥
Shoes-Kookie-Athena (was a 50 linden friday item, ANNND OMGOD I HEART THEM!!!! I LOVED THEM SINCE IT CAME OUT FOR THE SHOE FAIR! and i said, when kookie has a sale im sooo gonna get them! LOL. But better than a sale, SHE PUT THEM FOR 50L FRIDAYS! AWESOME!!! haha lol, i was really happy. :D It's my FAAAV 50L ITEM I GOT!!!) i wish i had a shoe like that in rl. -.- lol

Tote bag-Milk Motion-My Fabric Bag (was a 50L friday item, my faaav 2nd item from 50Linden fridays! :D ♥)
Necklace-+mocha+ -Sweet twilight (was from a vday hunt)
Earrings- +SPICA+ -Chocolate Earrings (was from the same vday hunt as the necklace ^)
Sunnies-Surf Couture-Funnel Cake Shades-White/Metal (♥)

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